Looking for boot loader image for RUT955

I have found a few threads where this post should be however they are now closed.

can someone help me find the boot loader image mentioned in the recovery doc?


Tried to update from backup and corrupted the 955. Light flashes’ red /green

Booting into the Bootloader allows me to reload the firmware. When I do this and log in the Web UI look like something form the late 80’s. Definity not what it should look like.

Im looking for the file to upload with this link.

Thank you


Thanks for reaching us.

Bootloader Menu: The bootloader menu is a special recovery tool for inaccessible devices. Users can access it by following specific steps, which include setting a static IP address on their computer to interact with the router’s HTTP server. This menu is used for upgrading firmware or bootloader versions.

Then you go to and upload the latest firmware to the device (in some cases, you have to upload the legacy firmware first, then the latest firmware).



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