Login failed after FW upgrade

After FW upgrade of router RUTX50 to last one, login over SSH or HTTP/HTTPS fail. The default password has been changed by new one randomly generate.
somebody know what is the password generated for firmware image or any way to open session wihtout default password?


The issue is most likely caused by the change in SSH key generation. From the RUTX_R_00.07.04.3 update release notes:

  • Improvement
    • System
      • Removed SSH RSA key generation
      • Added SSH ECDSA key generation

You will need to delete the old keys, and regenerate the new ones. This change was made to improve the security. This process will depend on the SSH application used, however, here are a few good resources:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your quick answer but is not help in this case because the RSA was removed from ours servers a lot of time before and was given a new ECDSA public ID but with FW update we had not keep configuration and flash it as factory default configuration. By this I have not way to connect nor form to do it if I not Know default password loaded into Firmware image done by Teltonika staff.

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Sorry, misread your question.
Could you clarify if you have physical access to the device?

Yes, I have it

Can the device be factory reset? The password is printed on the back of the device. Even if you change it, after a factory reset it will go back to the original password.

I bought the router on amazon second hand, it arrived with all wifi and lan ports disabled, even the factory reset didn’t work.
I updated the firmware, but now the username and password don’t match those on the label on the case back, even the SSIDs are different.
RUT_ACA2_2G and RUT_ACA2_5G.
Some idea? I obviously tried with the factory reset (button pressed for over 5 seconds as per the manual)


Please try performing a reset procedure using the bootloader: RUTXxx Firmware via The Bootloader Menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki
If you are also unable to reach the bootloader, I’d recommend opening a dispute with Amazon, as the device may have a hardware failure.

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