Log issue - IPv4 connectivity started to fail

Hi. Please help me understand what this issue could be. I have in my TRB 140 log this:
|896|2024-05-14 16:31:54|Health checker|IPv4 connectivity restored|
|895|2024-05-14 16:30:53|Health checker|IPv4 connectivity started to fail|
|894|2024-05-14 05:08:38|Health checker|IPv4 connectivity restored|
|893|2024-05-14 05:07:38|Health checker|IPv4 connectivity started to fail|

Is it on LTE provider side - lost signal/services?

My TRB140 is:
Firmware version
Firmware build date
2024-04-30 10:39:25
Internal modem firmware version
Kernel version

Thank you, VladimĂ­r