Lack of support

If you ever have a problem on here and ask for help you get a standard response from Maynard C which is the use the contact method on teletonika website to which you never get a response and then your help request gets closed


The unlocked code is not provided here in the community forum, this is to add security for our device in case of theft, if you purchase it directly from us then you can have it, contact your sales manager or you can create an HD ticket to received it

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Maynard C

The problem is when you contact support or contact anybody you never get a reply so what is the point in you telling everyone to use the contact form when you never hear back ?

Hi Derfuk

Sorry for that, I will escalate this issue with our team.

Best Regards
Maynard C

Thankyou for that but it appears you are here on your own trying to do your job with no support behind you. I would suggest that you try using that form and see if you get a response as a simple Google shows I am not the only one with no response issues from contacting teletonika either by the form or email.


In any case, can you please check the unlock code from where you brought the device?
If they have direct contact with us, then they can request it from us and provide the unlocked code to you.

Maynard C

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