L2TP tunnel and ping monitor

I recently installed a TRB140 to act as a backup WAN for an attached router. Unfortunately I don’t get a fixed IP address on this LTE link, the telco uses CGNAT - but I have an L2TP connection that does have static IP. This L2TP link, however, is much slower than the underlying LTE. I can buy a faster L2TP link, and may decide to do this in future depending on the stability. At present I will use the native CGNAT LTE connection as my default route.

I want to monitor the static IP address at the end of the L2TP link, to test how stable the LTE line is. If I set up a ping monitor, this gives me a great graph as long as the L2TP tunnel is set as the default route on the TRB140. As soon as I take the default route away, the ping monitor says things are down.

What do I need to do so that the default route remains the faster underlying LTE connection but the ping monitor works appropriately?

Two additional questions:

Is there a way to assign or pass through the L2TP static IP address to a router placed behind the TRB140, like setting up bridge mode for the LTE connection?

Will the TRB140 still answer on when in bridge mode?

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