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we use hundreds of RUT950 with firmware 6.09.2. Now we needed to switch to the RUT951 with 7.05.4 in production and there is no way to downgrade to 6.x. For us it’s extremely necessary to use the JSON RPC Interface for internal monitoring. In 7.05.4 there is not even a menu to switch on JSON-RPC any more. Any ideas resp. help on this? We need the access… Thank you


For the latest firmware (7.05.4) of RUT951, JSON-RPC is available by default and no need to enable or install an additional package.

Just proceed on sending HTTP Post request for it for the session id and other commands.
Below is sample test I conducted locally using Postman software.

Kindly find as well the following links for the configuration of JSON-RPC disregarding the enabling set-up:
For Windows - RUT955 Monitoring via JSON-RPC windows - Teltonika Networks Wiki

For Linux distros - RUT240 Monitoring via JSON-RPC linux - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Note that in the username field should be the username of the WebUI of the router (i.e. admin).

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