Issues viewing a different date range in Metrics Graph

I’m having an issue when trying to expand the date range in the Metrics Tab, under Dynamic information. It allows me to select a different start date, for example May 6, 2024, but the graph doesn’t change to include information that far back. When you hover over the graph, it only shows about 24 hours of data (May 29 & May 30). Does anyone know how to change this, or is it perhaps a bug in the dashboard? Here is a screenshot:

What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to see the modem’s connection for the last month.

Thank you!


The functionality is available, but it seems that there might be no data available for that particular time period.

Below, I’ve attached a .gif demonstrating that the functionality works properly, but it only displays recorded data. For instance, when I selected to display data for the entire month, it only showed data for the few days when the device was on and collecting data.


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Thank you @Marijus for your help. I was able to see that the data shown is from when the device was added and on like you mentioned.

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I’m glad it helped. If you encounter any other issues, feel free to reach out again.

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