Is it possible to use gpsd on the RUTX50

Hello, we use the rutx50 in our civil protection unit to stay online during deployments. I use the software QGIS to map out the situations. Is it somehow possible to get the GPS data from the rutx50 directly into the software? QGIS supports gpsd. can gpsd run on the rutx50 or can you suggest another solution?

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I’m not very familiar with the details of QGIS software, but it should be able to handle NMEA sentence data since it’s used for GPS data. You might need to check if QGIS has this functionality or if there are plugins available for it.

The RUTX50 device does support NMEA sentence forwarding, either locally or to a remote server. You can find these settings here:

2024-06-21-09-56-54-RUTX50 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

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