IPSec VPN - RUTX50 to Vigor2960

The RUTX50 is connecting to a Vigor2960 router for the IPSec end-point.
I can get the VPN to work, but it drops off at random intervals, and fails to reconnect.
Also, the RUTX50 shows the VPN status as ‘Disconnected’, even when remote hosts respond to ping.
Current internet connection on the RUTX50 is via xDSL on WAN2, and the remote Vigor2960 is on a leased-line. The Vigor2960 also has another ten LAN-2-LAN IPSec profiles to other Draytek routers, and all of these are 100% reliable.
Can anyone offer advice?


First, ensure that the Lifetime and IKE Lifetime in proposal settings are the same on all IPSec devices. Please note that the time is specified in seconds by default. To specify it in hours, add ‘h’ to the option field. For instance, ‘30’ stands for 30 seconds, while ‘30h’ means 30 hours.

Additionally, I recommend enabling DPD (Dead peer detection) in IPSec → Connection settings → Advanced settings tab.

If the issue continues, please provide your IPSec configurations and logs when the problem occurs. You can access the logs via the WebUI by clicking on the logs number on the IPSec page:


Before sharing your configurations and logs, be sure to redact any sensitive information, such as public IP addresses, passwords, etc.

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