IpSec and İnternet access not working at the same time


i have created an IPSec tunnel between RUT956 and other brand device. As default, from other device to teltonika ping is successfull but from teltonika to other device ping not have. if i write port forwarding rules (Source:LAN, Destination WAN, protocol: any, ports:any, IP’s:any), i can ping both of sides, BUT internet access is going on teltonika side.

In addition to the above problem, there is an interesting situation. İf i write port forwarding rules (Source:LAN, Destination WAN, protocol: icmp, IP’s:any), i can ping and i have RDP access from both sides. (if i chose protokol ISAKMP, IPSec not working)

How can i stabilize this situation?

Hello, I played around with the settings a little more. I have only one problem right now. When I set up an IPsec tunnel between Teltonika and different devices, I cannot ping the local network of the other device from the Teltonika local network (RDP have). I can ping the teltonika local network from the other LAN. That’s the only problem. Please help with the solution.


Thanks for reaching us.

Please keep in mind that port forwarding is not required once you construct a VPN tunnel because all ports are open by default from the teltonika device; nonetheless, please ensure that the other device’s firewall policy allows ping purposes.


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