IP Passthrough for RUTX50 across 2 switches in VLAN

I’ve recently added a RUTX50 to my business network to provide a redundant 5G internet connection. I’ve had it working using a static IP address through a VLAN between two Draytek G2280x 10GbE switches, into my main router, a QNAP Qhora301W, however, I’ve run into issues with dual NAT, and I want to configure IP passthrough. The RUTX50 is not in the same building as the main router, hence the use of the trunk.

I’ve configured the qnap router to request an IP address using DHCP. and it doesn’t get an address. Is this IP passthrough over a VLAN supported, and might I be missing a config?

Running firmware RUTX_R_00.07.06.3.

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