Iojuggler can't send email notification


I have configured an iojuggler, you can see the config below.

on the status page I can see the state of the input low level and high level.

When the status is high level I don’t became an email notification.

When I look in the system log I can see the following error.

Can anyone help me?

best regards,


Generally, this log entry would point towards a non-working email configuration. Could you clarify:

  • What email provider are you using?

  • Have you tried clicking the Send button [1]?

    • If yes, did it return the Email sent successfully response [2]?

Keep in mind, that if you are using Gmail, you will need to configure a separate “App Password” to use it on the router. This also requires 2FA to be enabled on your Gmail account.

Best regards,

Hello Daumantas,

thank you for your information.

The testemail was working fine!

Best regards,

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