Interfaces are used when they are "up" but offline

Dear community and Teltinika employees,

I have various WAN interfaces in my RUTX12 router. Depending on the metric, the one with the highest priority is always used. This is fine as long as all interfaces are up and online.

It becomes problematic in the following case:
Let’s say WAN1 has the highest priority and is connected to a router. This is switched on, but has no Internet.

In RUTX12, WAN1 is now displayed as “up” and since it is the interface with the highest priority, all Internet traffic is routed there. But since the router behind it is offline, there is a 100% loss and nothing works.

The other, lower-priority interfaces are online but are not being used.
I know from other routers that the route to an interface is tested by ping, for example. If this is offline, it is not used. Is this also possible with Teltonika / RUTX?

(I don’t want to use the failover function for various reasons).

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


The exact issue you described is why our devices have the failover package. Could you clarify the reasons why failover is suitable for you? Perhaps you encountered any issues with it?
Other than failover (mwan3), not much else can be done to disable the interface or lower it’s priority automatically.

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