I can't connect to RUT951

I can’t connect to RUT 951. It is not visible for my devices. It was visible on the first time when I turned on but there was no network. I was able to log into Router configuration but after I changed my password and tried to access to advanced setting, connection disapeared and now it is not visible. I tried to reset, 6 and 12 seconds, many times. I tried to use different SIM card, no mobile connection.


Are you connected to the device via WiFi or cable? Please, try connecting to it via cable to see if it works.

If you are connected to another router/WiFi AP, it is possible that there is another device with the IP address. Make sure you are not connected to any other networks, such as WiFi. Then, when you are connected to the RUT, navigate to Network → Interfaces and change the LAN IP address to something different, like (scroll down and change DHCP server’s start and end IP addresses as well to be in the same new IP range).

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