How was CVE-2023-32347 mitigated


I’ve been using the Teltonika RutX series for a while now and I’m quite happy with them.
Yesterday I came across the vulnerability mentioned in the title and it says everywhere that it has been resolved.
It doesn’t say anywhere HOW it’s solved and I must admit I’m a bit worried about using more of these routers, since they are all used in public places.

Can anyone shed any light on what has been done to improve security?


We are glad you enjoy using our products!
The mentioned vulnerability was addressed by the addition of the device password during the authentication to RMS. This is explained more in detail in the PCN: RMS Product Change Notifications - Teltonika Networks Wiki.
If you have any additional questions regarding this solution, please contact us at and my colleagues will be able to provide the answers to your questions!

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Thanks! Hadn’t found this page myself, but it does answer some of the questions I still had :slight_smile:

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