How to use WINSCP with TCR100

Hi Teltonika Community,
Could you please assist me in connecting to my TCR100 Router via WINSCP?
i have enabled SSH in the settings, aswell as connected the router to my laptop, but i am unable to ping its IP Address / Connect to it,

i believe im doing something wrong.


Make sure your router is not connected to any other internet sources for the testing purposes.

Can you access the WebUI through a browser from the local network? However, you are unable to connect via SSH or WinSCP, is that correct? If you encounter any errors, please specify them.

Have you made any other configuration changes? Normally, it should be possible to connect to your device via WinSCP using SCP or SFTP without needing additional configuration changes.

Furthermore, when using SSH or WinSCP, make sure to enter ‘root’ as the username, and your WebUI password as the password.

Information on Command Line Interfaces for RutOS is available here.

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My router is, I am able to ping this on CMD but when I try it with WINSCP it doesn’t go through,

i also tried as mentioned in mutiple places aswell as yet i am unble.


Have you used ‘root’ as the username?

Also, make sure you are using SFTP or SCP as the protocol.

You can also take a look at our wiki page here.

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