How to remotely obtain Mac addresses of Eye sensors connected to a tracker


I have trackers installed on 10 trucks moving all the time.
I lost track of which Eye sensors are in which trucks…
I there a way I can get the MAC address of the eye sensor sending data to each individual FMT100 tracker?
Maybe I can include the real eyesensor MAC address into the telemetry i receive from the eye sensor?
Appreciate if an expert could help me on this one.

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If you need a MAC address that from the EYE sensor connected to a specific device, you can use the SMS/GPRS command. You can search FMT100_SMS GPRS_Commands#Bluetooth_Commands.



For more information, you can send the following commands below.

getparam 1202 - BLE Connection 1
getparam 1252 - BLE Connection 2
getparam 1302 - BLE Connection 3
getparam 1352 - BLE Connection 4

Note: you can send the commands through SMS or through GRPS commands.

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