How to give a secondary router internet access


I have multiple RUTX10 routers connected from LAN to LAN to a central RUTX14 (or eachother). The RUTX14 router is the main router, with the RUTX10 routers having all 4 ports set to the same LAN interface.

The main router is, subnet, DHCP enabled
The secondary router is, subnet, IPV4 broadcast and DHCP relay to

This works fine, and I can chain multiple routers together, however I would like for the RUTX10 router itself to also have internet access for RMS and other diagnostics.

How can I configure these routers so that they get internet from the network that they’re passing on?

Thank you in advance!


I have a similar case that I connected two RUTX routers. The first RUTX provides internet for the second RUTX. Then, all end devices will be on the same subnet. Are you looking for the same solution?

I think what you’re looking for is something that I already have.

See the example I explained above. You might also want to set your WAN port as a LAN port in this instance.

This will mean that your secondary router does not have internet itself though. That’s the problem I’m trying to solve right now with this thread.


You can edit the LAN interface and add a default gateway of RUTX14 ( Alternatively, in Network → Routing → Static routes add a route to via

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Hi AndzejJ,

I had already set the default gateway in the RUTX10s, but that did not work I’m afraid.

Routing sounds good, but didnt work with the following settings:
Interface: lan
Route type: Local (I also tried the default, which was unicast)

Am I doing something wrong?

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Can you navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and try pinging

Make sure you add DNS servers on the LAN interface as well. Either IP address of RUTX14 ( or, for example, Google’s DNS of

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