How to get only current command data from teltonika dualcam?

Hii, I am using netty’s network pipeline in java to get request from teltonika dualcam.I am receving request from teltonika dual cam like:
after sending command 0x0008xxxxxxxxxxxx I received data like:
where -
this is the request with command ID 0x0000:0000000500013ee13c00198144000400
and this is the request with command ID 0x0001: 00010006000000200000

How to resolve this problem?

Hello @Rahat,

Good day! I hope you are doing well, in this case, you should send a RESUME command from your server end with command ID 0x0002 in response to the START command (0x0001).

Process should look like this:


where RX is the data received on the server end and TX is the data transmitted from the server end.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

Hello @Patrick_Sangalang,
I am already sending resume command, problem is that after sending resume command I have been receiving data like this:
0000000500013ee13c001981440004000001000600000020000000040402… rather than receiving only: 00040402XXXXXX…

Dear @Rahat,

Once you have sent the command 0x0002, you should expect a response of 0x0003 and then 0x0004.

Based on the data received, it seems that the device initiates the connection again. Maybe there were some delay before you sent the response, can you try to respond on it at the same time the response was received?


Hello @Patrick_Sangalang ,
I am trying to send request on time, can you please provide me sample code that can help me in sending request without any delay in java as I am using netty io?

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