How to find out which RF band my RUt240 is running ( R00 vs R07 )

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I have a little problem I have purchased multiple rut240 for different regions, some were " R01 " for North America only, others were " R00 " for Europe , and I had also some " R07 " which are global

Now how can I distinguish which one I am testing if I log as admin , the Sim is working , I am located in Europe but how can I make sure I am testing a " R07 " and not " R00 " ?

Please can someone help me or clarify ?

The truth is I need to ship this in the field in North America and I want to make sure to ship R07 and not R00 .

Thank you as always …


To find your device’s production code easily, use the Command Line Interface (CLI). Follow these simple steps:

  • In the router’s WebUI, navigate to System → Maintenance → CLI.
  • Use “root” as the login and enter your device login password.
  • Execute the command: mnf_info -n. This will display output containing your production code.

2024-03-07-09-12-40-RUT240 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

In this case, the device is intended for North America.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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