How to debug FMB003 and Traccar


I own a FMB003 which should send data to a self hosted Traccar server. The port on the server is open and reachable. But it doesn’t get any data from the FMB003, so no entries in the logfile of Traccar. I did check the logfiles on the tracker but the only thing that is close to some error message is “[REC.SEND.1] WARNING @ 711:Link open failed! Result:11 Bkp Mode:0”.

Is there any way to debug this? Server entry is like “” and port is “5027”.


Good day, please check if your configuration is correct.

  1. APN details
  2. Signal Strength of your network.
  3. Server details IP and Port
  4. Did you add the device to your server?

Best Regards
Maynard C

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