How to create fixed ip adress and public ip adress on RUT241?

Hello all.
I’m bad at this, but I’m trying to understand. I would like to obtain a Fixed IP address, Public IP address, Subnet Mask and a Default Gateway from a RUT240/241. I have a SIM card with data. The intention is that I want to operate a device via the internet. This device must be connected via a UTP/internet cable to the RUT240/241 modem. I hope you can understand a little bit what I want.

Sorry for my translated English.

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Hi Aquaco,

obviously nobody understood (or cared to answer).
Let me clear a few things up and then make some guesses:

  • your RUT240 ist called a router (although it contains a modem)
  • you can’t get a public IP address from your router but from your provider
  • what you call UTP/internet cable is a simple LAN cable (of type UTP, agreed)
  • the device behind the router stays in the routers private IP range
    Now my guesses:
  • you want to access devices behind your router via the internet
  • access to the devices can be secured (by using e.g username/password)
  • the devices allow encrypted connections (like https for example)
    Now my idea of a possible solution:
  • get a static public IP from your provider
  • that might cost you a small amount per month
  • you might have to change your APN to “Custom APN” according to your providers requirements
  • you will have to create a port forwarding in the router’s firewall via web interface

Hope that helps.
Best regards,
Timelapse Admin

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