How to check setting data on teltonika dual cam and how to respond it?

Hello, I have made a server for teltonika camera using java, a teltonika dual cam is sending a request on my server but i am unable to understand how to process further with setting data and how to respond to that request.
For example: 0000000500013ee13c00198144000400

Hi Rahat,

Good day, please find the photo below:

Reference: DualCam Communication Protocol - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Maynard C

Hello @Maynard_Castro, Thank you for responding but how do I know that valid data has come into setting field?

Hello @Rahat,

Thank you for your follow-up! Once the Initialization Packet has been received you need to send a File request command (CMD ID 0x0008) to receive data from the device.

For more information about the File Transfer process, you may refer on the Flow chart below:

I hope this helps.

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Hello, @Patrick_Sangalang I am sending command ID 0x0008 still no change I only get the same request again, is there any additional parameters I have to send?

Hello @Rahat,

Good day! Once 0x0008 command has been sent from the server end, the device should send START request data to the server end, if in case that you are not able to receive the data then I recommend to check on the 0x0008 command that you have sent.

Process should look like this:


where RX is the data received on the server end and TX is the data transmitted to the device.

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Hello @Patrick_Sangalang, Thank you for responding My exact question is what are the possible values of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX after 0008?

Hi Rahat,

I am sharing you a sample command for requesting Photo from camera, front.


For more information you may refer on this link: DualCam Communication Protocol - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS


Thank you so much @Patrick_Sangalang.

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