Help needed to setup DNS over TLS or HTTPS


I just purchased RUTX50 router and I have also been using NextDNS service to control the internet traffic on multiple devices for a while. I wanted to setup NextDNS service on this new router, however I checked in a web gui, and did not found a way to setup DNS over TLS or HTTPS. Simply forwarding DNS queries to NextDNS servers is not enough, since in that case I am not able to control the traffic the way I want on specific devices through a NextDNS account. Maybe it is possible to configure DNS over TLS or HTTPS through command line? Or maybe there is another way to integrate NextDNS with the router? Unfortunately I am not tech savvy enough to do it myself and help would be very appreciated!


NextDNS package is available via package manager. Though, I have not tested this myself. You can install it from the CLI via:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install nextdns

Then, here are a few suggestions:
Go to nextdns website and follow the instructions for DNSMASQ on routers and edit the dnsmask.conf file:

  • vi /etc/dnsmasq.conf

You may need to restart the services via:

  • /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
  • nextdns restart

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Followed the instructions and it seems to be working. Thank you!

I know it’s possible to use ‘unbound’ as a local resolver in OpenWRT. Is this also true for RutOS?


I was able to install and configure Unbound on RUT955 running the latest firmware. To install it, login via CLI: Command Line Interfaces RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki
And run these commands:
opkg update
opkg install unbound
Then unbound can be configured via uci: UCI command usage - Teltonika Networks Wiki. To show the current configuration run the command uci show unbound. Some more information can be found on OpenWRT wiki: [OpenWrt Wiki] DoT with Unbound

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