Hardware section : Inputs/outputs in RUTXR1

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When comparing the two devices RUTXR1 and RUTX50, I noticed in the Hardware section that there is no input/output mentioned for the RUTXR1. I suppose it means that I cannot use the BAT120 for this device. If I’m correct (and so cannot use the external battery for this router), is there any possibility that, in the future, this option would be added for this model ?
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You can use BAT1202 with RUTXR1, but without I/O, BAT120 won’t be able to send any information to RUTXR1 about its power state. So, if BAT120 loses power, it won’t be able to inform that to RUTXR1. However, it will still power it regardless. In the future, I/O functionality probably won’t be added to RUTXR1.

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