GPRS command not working

I use GPRS commands (getinfo, getver, getstatus, getparam, setparam, …) on devices (FMB110,FMB120,FMB920). getinfo working, but getver, getstatus it works if append new line characters (\r\n) and getparam, setparam, getimsi and others not working. What could be the problem?


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

You need to send sms in a separate sms text for each command send.

getparam is for reading data from device parameter.

setparam is used for setting up new params in device, so they will not respond unless you mention the parameter ID along with the getparam and setparam command.

Please see link below for your reference. Here you will find more information on how to send SMS and how to get response from device using SMS.