Getting same values for trip and odometer

My Ignition OFF timeout is 21600 (6 hours)
I am getting same values in trip and odometer even after 6 hours of vehicle off duration. Am I missing anything here?

Peptrack GPS


In order to start the trip Ignition and Movement source values have to be ON also ‘Start Speed’ needs to exceed the set value. Ignition OFF timeout detects trip end when the set value is passed, only then newly generated trip details will be retrieved.

Odometer values will not be generated if the tracker does not detect the movement. I/O Trip Odometer must be enabled to use the Distance counting mode feature. When it is set to Continuous, Trip distance is going to be counted continuously (from Trip start to Trip end). When Mode is set to Between Records, the distance is going to be counted between every record and is reset to zero for every new record until the Trip end.

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Arnas Šaduika.

Hi Arnas

Can you please check if my configs are correct to get the daily trip after every 6 hours of ignition off time.

Thank you

For a device to detect a trip, navigate to Trip Settings → Scenario Settings set to at least Low Priority. In Your case this detection is disabled. To be more specific which AVL ID would You like to obtain?