Further Information RE: Average in IO Reports

I’m wanting to have the IO Report only trigger if the value exits the range for a constant period of time. Am I on the right track with “Averages” ??

Ideally, to avoid being hammered by SMS I would like the device to have X number of readings out of range, before sending a message.


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Basicly parameter Average works like this: If Average value is 10 then new value must be present for 1 second to register the change to a new value. Internal sampling is done every 40ms, so 25 samples are taken per second. To configure 5 seconds of averaging simply write the value as 50

More information about I/O settigs can be found in this site:FMB920 I/O settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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Thank you for the reply - I get that, the help article in the manual/app suggests the same. But I am struggling to put this into real world examples.

Using my image shown above and looking at the low level. I want the SMS to be sent to me ONLY after 10 readings below 11350, I think Averaging might be what I want, but I am unsure, because the wording/examples aren’t great (in my opinion).

Any ideas??

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