Fuel level values. why limited to 32767?

regarding FMB125 and its fuel level values

why parameter 270 BLE Fuel Level #1 is unsigned and range from 0 to 65535
But parameter 201 LLS 1 Fuel Level is signed and ranged only to 32767 ? why do you need negative values -4 … -1 ?

to my understanding they should be the same 0-65535

in addition how do you handle FLS that report values higher then 32767 or 65535?




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thanks, but it is not a discrepancy in wiki page, it is a clarity question about the range values of the 2 params i mentioned. i wonder why there is a difference? and how Teltonika supports FLS that report higher values then 65535?
we work with many sensors that report values much higher than 65535

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