FTP through IPSec with 2 VLANs


I’m trying to achieve the setup as in the picture above.
I have previously been able to achieve this with some help. But it has stopped working possible due to firmware upgrade. RUT955 is currently running on RUT9_R_00.07.05.

The goal is to be able to FTP to the INS on via the RUT955 that has 2 VLAN’s to be able to connect to IPSec and to be able to connect to INS.
I have port forwarded to and am able to ping to the INS but I’m not able to FTP to it. Although I’m able to ping, the INS doesn’t have a configureable default gateway. Could this be the issues?

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You have mentioned that it was working before. Do you mean that both, FTP and pings were working before, but now only pings are working?

Since the INS device is limited on its configurations, I assume that it supports only FTP, and not SFTP. Is that correct?

Since the INS does not have a default gateway, could you please try enabling masquerading on LAN zone in Network → Firewall (LAN => WAN)?

Also, what FTP mode are you using? I suggest trying passive mode to see if it helps. If you are not sure about the modes, you can read an article here.

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