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I have some Teltonika devices such as RUT956, activating them I start the free trial days but I don’t have credits in the free trial. I want to do the VPN and I need credits from what I saw in the videos. What can I do in the free trial?

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How can I contact directly Teltonika? They didn’t answer at the telephone neither from the button “contact” to send application.

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Firstly, I’d like to clarify the process of creating a new RMS account and adding new devices. There are two key aspects to keep in mind:

1.When you create an RMS account, you will automatically receive 5GB of free data, which you can utilize, for instance, for RMS VPN usage.

2.Every time you add a new device to your RMS account, you will also receive a “free credit.” This credit is automatically enabled and allows you to monitor your newly added device for one month.

2.1 It’s essential to highlight that you receive a free credit only the first time you add a new device to your company. For instance, if you add a device to “Company 1” and then, after 30 days, add the same device to “Company 2,” you won’t receive another free credit. The same rule applies if you add a device to “Company 1” and then, after 30 days, remove it and re-add it to “Company 1”, you won’t receive a free credit in this case either.

2.2 Another critical point to note is that if you remove a device before the initial 30 days of monitoring have passed and then add the same device back, the monitoring term will not be extended and you will need to buy additional credit.

Without RMS data, you can utilize all monitoring and configuration features, but you won’t have access to RMS Connect and RMS VPN features. To use RMS VPN, you will need to purchase credits and convert them into RMS data. One credit is equivalent to 2GB of data.

More information about our RMS system you can find here : RMS - Remote management system

Additionally, if you have previously attempted to contact Teltonika and encountered issues or did not receive a satisfactory response, I recommend giving it another try. Please ensure that your communication includes clear explanations of the problems you are experiencing and any relevant details. This will help streamline the support process and improve the chances of resolving your concerns effectively.

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