Found a RUT955 in office - want to use it - license?

Hello - As the title says, I found a RUT955 in the office but due to some staff turnover, we dont know about the licenses. We can log into it, we can get a data sim card working in it but I dont get the license/credit and my google skills have failed me.

We have a use for it if its just a way of providing a well featured router with failover (interested in that part for livestreaming). Do we need to pay credits to use it and if so, where in Ireland do I find out who is selling credits and for how much?



You can operate the router without requiring any specific credit or license unless you opt for RMS (Remote Management System).
If you’re interested in utilizing RMS, you can buy credits and data through our partners. Simply visit the “Buy now” section on our website at Remote Management System (RMS) to make your purchase.

For detailed instructions on the RUT955 setup, refer to our wiki page at RUT955 - Teltonika Networks Wiki.
If you’re focusing on implementing a failover, additional information about this feature, along with configuration examples, can be found here:

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to let me know.

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