Force 3G on FMC125?

Hello Forum,

I’m testing an FMC125 in a rural area with only one cellular tower in range. The tower provides both 2G and 3G, confirmed with mobile phone. When running the FMC125 and looking at the sim provider’s platform, the tracker always stays in 2G, never switches to 3G. This is a problem since we’re trying to upload photos and video with a Dualcam. It works for photos in 320x480 but anything larger (and especially video) never reaches the server.

Is there any way to force 3G or set preference/priority for 3G?


We have 2 types of GSM modules,

Old device supports 4G and 3G/2G ( Quectel )
New device supports 4G/2G ( Meig )

If you have a new device it only supports 4G/2G to know more please click this link: FMC125 – 4G LTE Cat 1 Tracking Device for Fleet Telematics (

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Maynard C.

Finally I understand why our Dualcam tests the last few months have been a complete failure.

If I had known your latest FMC125’s have no 3G compatibility we would have gone another route. Now we sit with 20+ of these units which are pretty much useless for use with Dualcams in Africa, except maybe in some large cities.

That will teach me never to assume anything.

So it looks like only two of your trackers are compatible with Dualcam, FMC125 and FMC225. Neither of which has 3G capability. Someone please let the tech guys know that in removing 3G from both of your Dualcam compatible cameras, Teltonika effectively disabled 95% of area within Africa where Dualcam footage can upload reliably. Keep in mind that our clients’ vehicles here move without 4G for sometimes days or weeks on end, which means your 64gb SD cards will loop over recorded video long before it has a chance to upload requested video.

If you still had 3G, this would not be a problem at all.

I’m amazed at this regression and very, very disappointed that we will have to find another company to provide us with a good substitution for your Dualcam.