Force 2G only on 2G/4G trackers?

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We’re having a problem in low cellular signal areas where 2G only trackers maintain constant connection but 2G/4G trackers (FMC920, FMC125) discconnect from the network as the 4G signal lowers signal strength. It seems like the FMC’s keep on trying since 4G is available, but it’s not strong enough for the trackers to send data.

IS there a setting where we can force 2G only in cases like this?


Good day, there is no option from the configurator to forcibly change the network from 4G to 2G network.
But you can try to use a 2G SIM instead of 4G.

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Maynard C

Thanks Maynard. Would this not be a useful addition to the configuration options? Things are easy in areas with high 4G signal but for those of use who operate in very remote areas things can be challenging. We do not have the option of 2G only sims.


Thank you for the update, in this case, you may contact your sales manager, so that our local team may suggest you a solution like special firmware development, modem firmware update, or sending special commands to the device.

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Maynard C

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