Forbidden response on RMS API /DEVICES/CREDIT put


I have the same problem as reported in the old forum at FORBIDDEN response on RMS API /devices​/credit with all scopes enabled - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

When I try a PUT request to /devices​/credit with a payload like

“data”: [
“device_id”: xx,
“auto_extend_credit”: false,

I get the response: forbidden. I checked other commands (like for example get devices) and they work fine.
Why is this so - why is this command forbidden? Any ideas?


You are most likely missing permissions or scopes to access/edit credit information. If you have administrator access to the RMS account, make sure everything credit-related is enabled for this API token.

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Hi Daumantas,

you are absolutely right - it was an issue related to the rights of the API token. After enabling device_credits:write it works. :slight_smile:
thx a lot!!


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