FMC920 "Spy Call" not working

Is the parameter 3005 when set to 3 (enable spy call when rung) firmware or market dependent? Despite having what I believe to be a correctly formatted authorised number that allows position to returned when parameter 3005 is set to 2 and the device rung, the spy call function appears to not work. Am I missing something? Thanks.

For my authorised number, being in the UK, I put +447971****** with no spaces, the stars being the rest of the number of my cell phone.

Hi Basil,

What is your firmware version?
Maybe the firmware that you are using does not support spy call if you are using the base firmware spycall function is not available
setparam 3005:3 - is not in used

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Maynard C.

Thanks for the reply, the supplying Teltonika dealer has checked and there’s a mistake on your Wiki for the parameters for FMC920 as it shows option 3 as valid (Spy Call) whilst the device doesn’t even have a microphone, nor a means of connecting one.