FMC920 Digital input 2


I have a question regarding a new update that came with the 03.29.00 firmware, that is:

  • NEW! New I/O Digital Input 2 for FMX920, FMB910 and FMB900 devices

As i understand, the FMC920 only has one digital input, but i would like to know if there is a way to add another Digital input, this using the configurator or via firmware, this by using another interface(ain1,dout1) as digital input 2.

Thank you.


Good day, 03.29.XX.rev.XX allows the use of analog input as additional digital input, therefore increasing the maximum supported Digital Input count.

For FMX9 series this allows to have either 2 Digital Inputs or 1 Digital Input and 1 Analog input."

Best Regards
Maynard C.

Thank you Maynard.
This is very interesting

One more question, this is done without the need to configure or set anything to the device?
Aside from the firmware update as such.



You just need to enable the DIN 2 from the IO.

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