FMC650 sleep mode

Hi I’m trying to configure my FMC to enter deep sleep mode, but when i look at the status page it always shows as the modem is on: am i missing anything?
Sleep mode: deep sleep
timeout ; 5mins
open link timeout: 30 secs
data acquisition
on stop:
min period:5000
send period 5000
the logs on my backend say
22:09:37 modem powering down
22:09:39 modem waking up
22:16:12 Modem powering down
22:16:13 Modem waking up
what would cause it to do this cycle of powering down and powering up?


Hi Nick,

Deep Sleep can only be deactivated/wake up if ignition or movement is detected.

Please visit our wiki page to know more: FMC640 Sleep modes - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards
Maynard C

Hi Maynard
i know that ignition or movement wakes it up, but you miss my point. The device wont go into deep sleep mode. it keeps waking itself up as it goes into sleep mode. the device is on my desk, ignition is off, with no movement…

Hi Nick,

You need to provide the logs to our HD or to your sales manager, please double-check your configuration.

Try to reset the FMC650 config and enable only the deep sleep mode to see which settings is causing this sudden waking up of the modem.

Best Regards
Maynard C

ok will have a play and take it back to basics. it seems to go to sleep then wake up 6 minutes later.then immediately sleep again

hi, is there a list of setting that will make the fmc650 go to deep sleep… no matter what setting i put it doesnt go to sleep.
also does it need gps fix to goto sleep

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