FMC225 Empty Packets

Hi there,

I have my FMC225 device on TCP Binary Buffered mode to funnel RS232 data to my server. At the moment, timestamp is enabled so it is sending Codec 13 data, which my server does not send any ACK back to. The GPS data it receives my server processes well in line with Codec requirements, sending a 4 byte ACK.

The issue that I am having is that the device sometimes sends an unending burst of empty packets i.e. message received is " " in the server. At the moment I simply terminate the connection by sending one byte 0x01. Is there an ACK message I am supposed to send?

My open link timeout value is set to default but I should set it to maximum value. Are there any other settings I should tick?

I was just wondering if this is expected behaviour and if there was a fix for it? It isn’t bundled in any Codecs so I thought it was a device problem.

Yun Zhe