FMC130 connect to bluetooth microphone

Hi there,
I have bought a Teltonika FMC130, and my question is if a microphone can be connected via Bluetooth, so that if I make a call I can hear through the microphone what is happening inside the vehicle.
If so, I would like to know if Teltonika sells microphones for this purpose, and if they don’t, let’s see if someone can recommend some models to me. The idea is that they connect via Bluetooth to the Teltonika, but feed it directly to the car’s power. , either to the car battery or the fuse box or to the ignition, but never with batteries that must be replaced.

Thank you so much.

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Unfortunately, FMC130 does not support Handsfree Bluetooth connection however you may use FMB130 or other FMB series instead. I recommend you to browse through this document so you will learn more about this Handsfree Bluetooth use case: How to connect Bluetooth Hands-Free adapter to FMB device - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

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