FMC003 - periodic wakeup

I am wondering how the periodic wakeup can be configured on a FMC003. In the Teltonika Configurator, there is no such option, but in the description

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Maybe it is more helpful to describe my usecase I want to achieve:

I want to monitor the voltage of the car-accumulator. Once the car is parked, the tracker should read and send the voltage let’s say once a day, so I could observe the voltage when the car is parked for a longer period.

I hope some you can assist me in getting the tracker condigured to behave that way.


My fmc003 wakes up and sends battery voltage once an hour while the car is parked.

Try to configure deep sleep (I use Online deep sleep) FMC003 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Hello @nOOgz,

I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, the Base Firmware of this OBD device has not yet merged this functionality. Kindly request the evaluation firmware: 03.29.00.Rev.357 through your sales manager or Helpdesk for your testing while base 29 firmware for FMX003 has not yet been released to the public.

Meanwhile, you may use Deep Sleep or Online Deep Sleep and based on your Data Acquisition settings you may still receive the data from the device. For more information about Sleep Modes, you may refer to this link: FMC003 Sleep modes - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

I hope this helps.

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thanks four your advice. I configured the sleep mode, and in data acquisition I set up that the device goes online every 6 hours.

This seems to work. On ruhavik, i can see that the device connects exactly every 6 hours.

One problem remains: As you can see in the screenshot, the car was parked for 6 days. Last connection from the tracker was today at 07:09 am.

Problem: The data for “Batteriespannung”, this means battery voltage, does not change. So this means, it is not updated when the device connects.

What have I configured not correctly?



Hi @nOOgz,

You may confirm that the device was on Sleep Mode through AVL ID 200, whereas the values may be referred to the information mentioned below:

0 - No Sleep
1 – GPS Sleep
2 – Deep Sleep
3 – Online Sleep
4 - Ultra Sleep

You may use this information as compared to the External Voltage information so you can make sure that the device is in Sleep Mode.

For more information you many refer to this link:

I hope this helps.

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