Fmc 650 & nmea2000

I am testing my firts FMC650, and I need read NMEA2000 protocol.
As I understand this protocol is very similar to J1939.
Could anyone help with this?
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Can someone help me with this issue?

Hi good day, we dont support NMEA2000 protocol to know more about FMC650 please visit this link: FMC650 General description - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Maynard C

Hi Maynard
Thanks for your response but there must be a mistake.
As you can see in this webinar (minute 11:10) NMEA2000 is already integrated in FMC650.
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This is not yet implemented in base firmware but you can contact your sales manager or create a helpdesk ticket to get the evaluation firmware if it is already available. If you don’t have any contacts with our Sales managers, please contact with them on our official website and click on the “Contact Us” button. When you click, please fill out the form and submit it. Note: as a topic, please choose “Vehicle telematics”. Or you can send an e-mail with the description of your situation to us: Teltonika - IoT, Internet of Things

Thanks Maynar
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