FMB641 - GPRS Deactivated

Hi All,

I have stuck on this since yesterday :(, I don’t understand why my FMB641 unable to have GPRS Activated and send the data to the server?

I have tested my Truphone sim card, it works properly.
I have set the APN to and have set the SIM1 Roaming Operator list as below (I’m in Indonesia)


I also have updated the firmware to 02.02.17 Rev.04

anybody please help me ?
thank you so much in advance.

Hello @Win

Good day, it seems the actual operator code is not detected by the FMB641, please check if the ICCID is detected by the FMB641.

Note: FMB641 only works with 2G network please check your SIM if it supports 2G.

Best Regards
Maynard C

I use truphone, it supports 2G, Do we need to register all of the Indonesia MNC and MCC codes in the GSM Operators → SIM1 Roaming Operator List?


Good day, I check the truphone website and from the Indonesia it only supports 4G network
See our global coverage | Truphone

Kindly create an HD ticket to solved this issue , FMB641 only supports 2G network.

Best Regards
Maynard C

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