FMB130 & META car alarm

Hello to the whole community. I just have installed FMB130 on my car. There was already installed a META car alarm system and both of them take power from the same +12v wire but with different fuses.

When i lock the car and the alarm is armed, within some random time (30-120mins) the alarm is triggered with “no reason” and the siren goes on.

GPS tracker is installed 10-15cm next to a secondary tx-rx module of the car alarm.

My first thought was that something gone bad with the alarm but i tried to remove the gps tracker completely out of the car and everything worked fine.

My second thought was that FMB130 was randomly checking for ignition power from yellow wire so it triggers the alarm since if it is armed and you turn on ignition, it sounds the siren. I decided to install a 1N4004 diode in series of DIN1 yellow ignition wire so the ignition power will be delivered to the FMB only when you turn the car key on.


Do you have any thoughts about what is the problem?
Is there any chance that any signals from FMB corrupt with the alarm?

I am thinking of installing an other diode on +12v power wire of FMB and if the same happens to find an other spot to mount the device.

I am waiting for your replies…
Thank you!

Hi Nick,

Good day, the FMB130 is installed near the secondary Tx/Rx module of the car alarm could be causing interference, especially if it’s not properly shielded. This interference could be interpreted by the alarm as an attempt to break into the car, triggering the siren, this is only my hypothesis but you can try to install the FMB130 away from the alarm system.

Maynard C.

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