FMB120 zero coordinates

Hello there,

I’m trying to track my FMB 120 device but showing zero coordinates.

Note that the device is online, and I send SMS command and I receive response, even I have updated the FW as well update the configuration but still showing zero coordinates.

please help


Good day, Thank you for contacting Teltonika Telematics!

Please check the LED status of the device. both LED lights should blink. If GNSS/Navigate LED light is not blinking constantly ON, then device is unable to receive satellite signals. It can be because of the reason device is inside building if testing on desk or if fixed inside a vehicle not position is not correct for fixing the device.

If LED light is permanently close then problem with the device. You need to send it to RMA

If you are testing on desk make sure device is put near to the window so that it top side should see the sky, similar in case of vehicle installation it is should be fixed close to dashboard near to windshield.

For more information. Please generate a Helpdesk ID for the same or contact your Sales Manager.

If you don’t have any contact with our Sales managers, please contact them on our official website and click on the “Contact Us” button. When you click, please fill out the form and submit it. Note: as a topic, please choose “Vehicle telematics”.


Ashutosh S.