FMB003 sleep mode

I encountered a problem
I set up deep sleep mode but i still receive packets from my tracker, but it shouldn’t send any data, right?
Also with that, i opened i/o that show me sleep mode, and it tells me that it still in 0 sleep mode, so it doesn’t entered any sleep mode
Ignition source is Accelerometer and ignition.
Ignition settings set on Engine RPM.

I’ll appreciate any help, thanks you


To enter sleep mode you need to make sure that the ignition and movement are not detected. If all the timeout is reached and all the conditions are met the device will go the sleep mode.


Wiki page: FMC130 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Please try to set the ignition source to power voltage, make sure that the low voltage is the limit where you start the vehicle the voltage will reach from that level.

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