FMB 130 using Temperature sensor DS18B30

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Today im here because i want ask about using Temperature sensor model DS18B20 at FMB130.
Actually my customer have 2 model lorry… 24V battery and 12V battery.
On this issue, when i use Fmb130 at lorry 12V with temperature sensor, the sensor give me good reading, but when use lorry 24V,the temperature sensor there was a flash. After that the reading is gone. I changed the temperature sensor to another, it became the same too.
Can you advise how can this happen.


What is the output voltage of the 24v DS18B20 sensor that you have connected to the 1-wire cable of FMB130?


Hai and good day…

After checking the output voltage from DS18B20 sensor, the voltage is 0.01 Volt.This value before i connect to 1-wire data.After connect with 1-wire data,the value is 4.90 Volt
Voltage from 1-wire data is 4.90 Volt and 1-wire power is 5 Volt.
Please advice. Thank you.

Hi and good day,

Its about DS18B20… When i use parasite mode on FMB130,some unit can use parasite and some unit cannot. Before i connect to parasite, 1-wire data got 4.9V. After connect ds18b20 DQ to 1-wire data and Vdd and Ground ds18b20 to ground, the voltage drop to 4.6V. The system show no reading.

Some unit FMB130 after connect parasite mode, the 1-wire data still maintain 4.9v and have reading temperature… It is problem from unit FMB130 or Ds18B20?? Please advice… Thank you