Firmware issues with RUT_2_R_00.07.05.4._WEBUI.bin


We are trying to upgrade the firmware on some RUT240 routers and are coming across an issue. As a first step we upgrade them to 00.14.7, then tried going to When we do this install the device reboots and the web UI is then completely blank :no error messages or alerts show when navigating to, just a blank white page. We’ve tried different browsers (ie, Edge, Chrome) and also running in Private Browsing mode.

We tried taking a router to RUT2_R_00.07.01.2_WEBUI (which worked perfectly( but again when we tried to go to RUT_2_R_00.07.05.4 we then got the blank loading screen again.

Any ideas why this might be happening, or has anyone else had similar?

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We have resolved this issue. The problem lies with the laptop we used - for some reason going from 07.01.0 to 07.05.4 stops the browser from working as expected regardless of the browser we then use. We’ve used an alternate laptop and all now works as expected.


Firmware rut240. Hello. My rut240 from 2018 with 2017 firmware is still not updated to the latest version. When I try to update from a file with the bin extension, it responds that the format is invalid. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

Hello. I updated RUT240 to version 7.1.02. Newer versions are installed, but the modem does not work. Is it possible to update the modem by downloading an update file or another method. I don’t have access to FOTA and most likely never will. I really ask for help. Thank you.


Thanks for reaching us.

Kindly can you provide to me a screenshot of how the modem is not working, then we can proceed with troubleshooting to solve it together.


Hello. Thanks for the answer. I answer your questions. Perhaps the router was already pre-registered when sold in 2018? On the old interface, in the downloads section there was something like this: https://FOTA…/ client …parameters…There was a note that it was not activated. But these are my assumptions, since I didn’t have time to take a screenshot, it disappeared when I tried to update. Now I’m back to version 7.1.02. Screenshot from this version.

Another picture in the downloads section


Kindly can you try upgrade the firmware version of the router to the latest firmware 7.05.4 by using following link below

I would like to advice upgrading the firmware version with turning off the keep setting option


I followed your recommendation. This has been done several times before. Does not help.


Could you please tell me what SIM card you’re using? Is this a private APN sim card or a standard SIM card?
May I also have the device’s product code?
Is the sim card compatible with a specific band?

Kindly let me know


Thanks for the answer. This is a standard sim. I also installed another sim. I need to read the product code on the sticker. I can do this later.

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