Feature Request - Latency display on Failover links

For Failover we have the option of WAN or SIM. (RUT360 for example)
It would be great to be able to test the latency on WAN and compare to latency on SIM.
The Failover condition should change over to the fastest latency result.
Example: test results in the background ping
Online connection: WAN = 250ms
Standby connection SIM = 40ms
Latency Failover condition change-over from WAN to SIM. If after 100 pings and 80% show that SIM is faster, then:
Online connection: SIM = 40ms
Standby connection WAN = 250ms

Thank you!


This should be more of the load-balancing implementation rather than failover. If you need this implementation, I would offer to write a script testing pings continuously and based on that changing the weight of your load balancing.

But right now we don’t have this implemented as this wasn’t needed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we’ll look into the possibility of adding this to our firmware.

For research: For what purpose would you need this latency-based load balancing/failover implemented?

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this would be of benefit for anyone working remotely. I have a point-to-point wireless WAN for the router’s WAN port from an ISP and a sim card linking me to a cellular ISP (two different companies) for backup purposes. It often happens that one or the other is not working, but most of the time BOTH work but at different speeds. A Zoom conference call with a latency of >200ms becomes noticeable when talking with colleagues. A latency of anything less than 100ms is optimal for conversation.

When browsing the internet or streaming (one directional download) the latency can even be 500ms without problems, but 500ms is totally unworkable for a proper discussion with people where bi-directional traffic is required.

Currently I check manually on each link which ping shows the better latency, then I move on to that one.


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