Faulty unit and registering RMS to the new unit RUX50

I need to unregister the RMS for a faulty RUX50. I have a new RUX50 and need to register the RMS 10-year licence. I’ve spoken to the seller, and they suggested I look here for support.
Before I unregister the old unit, I’m just waiting for some advice on how to proceed.

All is revealed at … RMS Device menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Thus the answer says “A Management pack cannot be revoked once it is assigned to a device.”

This seems to say I can’t reapply it to a new non - faulty device - even if the device is within its warranty period. In this case the management pack has only been applied for about 1 week.

Any suggestions on how I resolve this?

You’ll need some input from Teltonika here … hopefully their mods will respond with a process or you could try their ‘contact us’ form. Might be worth quoting an RMA number if you have one.


As it was mentioned, RMS licenses can’t be transferred once applied. However, it seems it was applied to a faulty device. In this situation, I would suggest contacting your supplier. They will then reach out to us, and if the device is indeed faulty, we can initiate an RMA and replace the device. Your RMS license can then be transferred to the new device. Just be sure to inform our support team about this.

If you have already initiated an RMA, please contact us via the “Contact Us” form at https://teltonika-networks.com/. As this will involve dealing with personal information.

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